Lexx <33 (lexx27) wrote,
Lexx <33

Ok so it's been FOREVER since I have last posted : )

I have been up to amazing things. The semester is over- pretty sure I had all As. I am loving USF- I have met some amazing people...better than I could have hoped for. I miss my friends from HS though...Erin and Denise especially. I miss having them so close- and I miss girlie nights but Erin is all mine on Wednesday : ) yay

hah omfg I have spent so much money this Christmas...more than youll ever imagine and I mean that seriously- most only my parents and Joel of course. My bank account has been emptied out lol

My only New Years resolution is to be better to my body- eat better, and get back into shape.

I have 17 credit hours next semester....3 dance classes- I have dance at 8:00AM every fucking morning which sucks, But ill be dancing so I'll be happy. I'm a theater minor- declared.

Ahh Im just so happy. My family and I have become SO close...and of course, Joel and I are amazing. It's been 9 months on Tuesday....and we're going so strong. Ive never met anyone like him...and Ive never been happier! I can't wait until Christmas. We all have to get together guys so call me! I got a new phone so I have nobodys number!

I love yalllll
Have a great break- and good luck on finals!
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December 14 2005, 17:30:00 UTC 12 years ago

when have you not been in shape?